Samsung Gear S Comes to US Next Week

Gear S White and Black for NewsroomSamsung’s Tizen-based Gear S smartband starts shipping to the US on November 7, the company announced today. The device looks and acts more than a little like’s PULS cuff, but not as slick: two inches wide with a curved Super AMOLED touch screen and built-in SIM card so it can stand alone without being tethered to a phone.

Fitness tracking is done with a Nike+ app (question: does this put the Gear S in the Apple HealthKit ecosystem?); location tracking and navigation use Nokia’s HERE but require connection with a phone. Emails and text can be composed with two bad options: voice recognition or a QWERTY keyboard. (Typing on a two-inch 480×360 screen? Really?)

The Gear S has a 300mAh battery; no claims for life or charge cycle are made. The band appears to be a conventional plastic/rubber number, not nearly as elegant as the PULS.

It will be available through AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. Pricing is a little slippery, this being the cell phone business, but is roughly $350 plus monthly service.

Microsoft Announces Band Wearable, Health App, and Cloud


With Microsoft moving so aggressively toward cloud services and mobile technology, you could have seen this a mile away, even without the recent leak: the company has announced the Microsoft Band wearable and the Microsoft Health cloud service. First, the band. It’s a full-featured device most closely resembling the Samsung Gear Fit. Black plastic, touch-sensitive […]

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MPAA Bans Wearables in Movie Theaters

The trade associations of US movie studios and theaters have announced a ban on wearable technologies. No, they’re not coming for your Fitbit (although do you have any idea how bad that popcorn is for you?). It’s Google Glass they’re more worried about. If you get caught recording a movie with your wearable, the new […]

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Google Ships Google Fit App

google fit screenshot

We wrote in August about Google’s publishing an SDK to keep track of health and data; the company announced today that a Google Fit app is now available. Android only, of course, although there’ll be a web interface that’s not quite working as of this writing. The Google Fit app consolidates all your health tracking […]

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SensoTrack Hits Kickstarter With Earpiece Fitness Tracker


We got an e-mail about a new-ish Kickstarter campaign for an ear-worn biometric tracker, the SensoTrack. The device looks like the marriage of one of those old behind-the-ear hearing aids attached to a Bluetooth headset. It claims to track heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiration, location, pace and body position, as well as the […]

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Lumo Gets Distribution Through Best Buy, Amazon

Lumo Lift

The Lumo Lift, a device that monitors your posture and vibrates to remind you when you’re slouching, is now being sold¬†through Amazon and at Best Buy’s prominent wearables section, company officials say. Lumo’s CEO Monisha Perkash said the $100 Lift had only been available¬†in its online store. It can now be bought at the top […]

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Noted in Passing: Lenovo’s Wristband

Lenovo Smartband Orange

It seems like all the Cool Kids have one, and now Lenovo does, too: there are several media reports that Lenovo’s got a smartband that looks a lot like the Fitbit Flex. It tracks the usual stuff: steps, distance, calories, sleep, and heart rate. It’s a notification device, too. And, interestingly, it can apparently unlock […]

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Oakley Revs Airwave Goggle, Adds Garmin Camera Interface

One of our favorite bits of wearables is the Airwave goggle from Oakley — basically an already high-end ski goggle with a heads-up display from Recon inserted in the right lens. Oakley tells us today that there’s an upgrade for this year: the ability to control a Garmin VIRB Elite action camera through the Airwave’s […]

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CNET Gets Hands-On with Fitbit Charge; Two Other Products Won’t Ship Until 2015

Fitbit Charge

Details about the Fitbit Charge fitness tracker have been oozing out over the last couple of weeks. CNet briefly got its hands on one, along with word that the Charge HR (with heart monitor) and the Surge running watch won’t come out until next year. The Charge is more or less a replacement for the […]

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On Second Thought, Maybe I Don’t

The Washington Post has a mercifully brief piece out of the recent Wearables + Things conference in Washington, D.C. At the inevitable fashion show, designer Ean Williams showed a bridal outfit that included Google Glass and a Fitbit concealed in a necklace. Nice necklace, actually. We get that live-streaming a wedding might be a nice […]

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