Microsoft Band 2 Incorporates Cortana

Microsoft tossed out a ton of new products today, including an updated Microsoft Band 2 fitness tracker. The new version includes a curved OLED screen, a barometer, and can track a VO2Max. It also will support third-party apps as well as Cortana, the voice recognition application that Microsoft is rolling out across its entire product line.

The Band, available for preorder immediately, ships October 30 for $249 — a $50 price increase.


Holo Headgear From Google?

Google glasses set a lot of imaginations on fire, while leaving the real world relatively unscorched. Now Google has applied for a patent for marrying holographic displays to Google Glass. The company applied for the patent for “Lightguide With Multiple In-Coupling Holograms For Head Wearable Display” in early 2014. According to TechCrunch, this will let Google […]

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What’s on Your Finger?


One ring to bind them all, one ring to … check your email? Apple has applied for a patent for “Devices and Methods for a Ring Computing Device.” That’s right; an iRing, a touchscreen device that you can wear on your finger, complete with a battery and the ability to communicate with other iDevices. It […]

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Mass Producing Medical Patches


You track your exercise program with electronic bracelets and watches. Why not track your health with an electronic patch? Nicotine and pain medication dermal patches have been a boon to a lot of us. Now it looks as if medical patches can go electronic, and electronic medical patches just take a giant step forward thanks […]

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Swatch Joins Connected Watch World with Touch Zero One

Swatch Touch Zero One; 2015 FallWinter; 1508 Touch Zero One

We’ve beaten up Swatch a bit over the past couple of years for its stated rejection of the smartwatch business. The Swiss time giant is now taking a tentative step into that world with a connected activity watch built around (of all things) beach volleyball. There’s a degree of method to that particular madness; Swatch […]

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Virtual Vision from Vuzix

vuzix purple_720

Lovers of tech gadgets, especially those of my generation, grew up reading science fiction. We’ve been waiting all our lives for the kinds of things we read about, with virtual reality being pretty near the top of the list—right after transporters, but before lunar cities. Vuzix, “the world leader in video eyewear technology,” has paired […]

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Samsung Great S2 Round Smartwatch Goes on Sale Friday

Gear S2 3 Unit Lockup

We’ve written before about the round Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. The company announced today that the watch will go on sale October 2, but it may be a little hard to find. Although you’ll be able to get it at Samsung’s own site and Amazon, if you want to get hands on at launch, you’ll […]

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Push Band Tracks Weight Training

Push Band weight training

Professional and amateur athletes have a lot invested in the level of their physical performance and fitness, and more athletes are looking to wearable technology to help them reach and remain in peak shape. One such product is Push Band, an armband that tracks and analyzes an athlete’s weight training program. The Push Band retails at […]

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Making Fashion Work

london fashion

The intersection of high tech and high fashion is well getting closer, if you believe what you could see at the September 2015 London Fashion Show. In fact, some in the fashion industry are predicting that within 10 years—possibly as few as 5—we’ll be wearing our phones and cameras on our sleeves as well as […]

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Skype Enables Calls with Android Wear Watches

There are apparently people who like to manage phone calls with their watches — beyond just seeing who’s calling and rejecting them. Skype now makes that easier with Android Wear devices. With version 6.4 of Skype for Android, Android Wear users can accept or reject calls from their watches, and use voice-to-text to respond to […]

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