Funding Roundup: Owlet, APX Labs

_MG_5091Two small funding stories of note:

Owlet, which makes an instrumented baby bootie that tracks skin temperature, heart rate, blood ox, and sleep data, has raised $1.85 million in seed funding. R/GA and Techstars, which incubated the company, participated in the round. Owlet, which costs $249, hopes to ship the summer, company officials say.

APX Labs, a software company that helps enterprises develop custom apps for visor wearables, has raised $10 million in a round led by New Enterprise Associates.


Wearable Tech Crowdfunding Infographic: Shipping is Hard

The folks at Crowdfunding Productions have put together an infographic that illustrates the amount of money that wearable tech companies have raised on Indiegogo and Kickstarter — and the success rate of funding attempts. It turns out that Kickstarter campaigns are more successful: they raise more money, have more completed campaigns, and deliver more product. […]

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Stalking the Stylish with Wearables


Here’s an interesting idea: putting chips in fashion goods so total strangers can buy what you’re wearing. It sounds creepy, but the tech from Awear Solutions does solve a problem — albeit a high-order problem: how do you find out where that immaculately turned-out clothes horse got that awesome bag? You could ask, but that’s sometimes awkward. […]

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How Will Wearables Change The Olympics?


The 2020 Summer Olympics will be in Tokyo, and people are already talking about how wearable technology might play into a Games located in one of the world’s most tech-forward cities in six years. There was a very provocative discussion about that recently at a wearables conference in Tokyo. The upshot: don’t focus on the […]

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Curved Li-Ion Batteries from Samsung


It’s not always the way electronic companies work, but it makes sense that Samsung, which makes and sells the curved Gear Fit fitness tracker, would also make and sell a curved Li-Ion battery. The Samsung SDI carries 230 mAh of power, which is not a lot compared to a smartphone (2,000 mAh and up is […]

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FirstBank Pokes Fun at Glass

FirstBank, a regional bank with branches in Colorado, Arizona, and California, is out with an ad that touts its “old-fashioned” banking app at the expense of a family that’s a little too plugged into its Glass. Because families that only have smartphones are all completely engaged with each other at the dinner table, right?   […]

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CNET: Nike Lays Off Most Fuelband Hardware Staff (Update)

CNet’s Nick Statt reports that Nike has laid off as many as 55 people in its Digital Sport hardware team, essentially ending development of the Fuelband and Nike+ sportswatch. Sales of the Fuelband will continue, as will development of software, CNet saod. With the increasing sophistication of motion sensors built into phones themselves — particularly […]

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Bill Gates Patent To Cloud Men’s Minds, Deter Paparazzi

We just learned about a patent awarded to Bill Gates a few months ago that appears to be designed to keep you safe from cameras around you. Patent 8,600,110 describes A system for detecting and responding to an intruding camera, comprising: an electronic media display device having a screen configured to display content; a sensor; and a […]

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Walgreens’s Mobile App Connects to Wearables, Rewards Healthy Behavior


People who use Walgreens’s iPhone and Android apps have long been able to renew their prescriptions with the app, and the company opened up its API to third parties last year. We’re now seeing that the app connects to a wide range of wearable devices — and the company is paying customers for healthy behaviors. […]

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Samsung Backs Away from Android; Will Ship Android Wear Watches This Year Anyway


When you’re as big and aggressive as Samsung, you can afford to place big bets on several different things (although that strategy didn’t work out so well for Nokia, did it?).  Yoon Han-kil, the senior vice president of Samsung’s  product strategy team, told Reuters that his company will ship wristwear based on the Android Wear operating […]

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