Pebble Updates Watches with Heart Rate Monitors

Pebble Time 2Pebble, the smartwatch pioneer, today announced big updates to its basic model and its more deluxe Time product. Both get design updates — the Pebble 2 is thinner and the Time 2 gets a bigger and higher-res color screen — but the big change is the addition of a heart rate monitor.

Even given Pebble’s roots as a notification device, the addition of the heart rate functionality is not a huge surprise. Those sensors, and the software that drives them accurately, have become cheap to the point of commoditization.

The Pebble 2 and the Time 2 are being sold initially through Kickstarter for $99 and $169 respectively, with availability in September for the Pebble 2 and November for the Time 2.

The company also announced a key-chain-fob sized device called the Core. Designed for runners, the Core can take a microSIM and stream Spotify, as well as track a run with GPS and send an SOS message via SMS. A open-source hacker’s version is also available. Both cost $69, with availability in January.

Clothes Make the Man and Woman Feel Better

Microsoft sign

How would you like clothing that would not only make you look, but also feel, like a million bucks? Microsoft—the original grey suit people—is thinking about doing something about that. The company recently applied for a patent for a shirt that can detect your “affective state” and if it’s a downer, send you feedback to […]

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Hyundai’s “Iron Man” Suit: Sci Fi Without the Fi


Hyundai has announced—in Korean, on its Korean website—that it is working on an exoskeleton suit that it compares to Iron Man, and that is identical to Lt. Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) in Edge of Tomorrow. The exoskeleton is an upgrade of Hyundai’s lighter weight H-LEX (Hyundai Lifecaring ExoSkeleton) that was designed to assist seniors and […]

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Fitbit Buys Coin’s Wearable Payments Tech

Fitbit’s been trying for more than a year to get NFC payment technology into its products; we picked up a strong rumor a few months ago (which we were unable to adequately confirm) that Fitbit had built production quantities of a fitness tracker with payment tech but was unable to get it to work properly. Today comes […]

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Fairy Tale Tech at the Met


Claire Danes was travelling light when she arrived for “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology,” the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2016 fashion extravaganza from its Costume Institute. Her fairy-tale princess dress, designed by Zac Posen and hand-sewn in organza and fiber optics, was stunning in the lights on the red carpet and […]

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Tata Group Develops Smart Watch For Its Own Enterprise Use


When you’re as big as the Tata Group (and if you don’t know about the company, you should read up on it), you can develop hardware products just for your own internal use. That’s apparently what the company is doing with a piece of wristware building a safety watch for workers in several of its subsidiaries. The Economic […]

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Fitbit’s Road to Success Narrows

Wearable Tech Insider does not do stock or financial analysis, but Fitbit’s 1Q results, released yesterday, said interesting things about the state of the company. Sales and earnings in the quarter beat analysts expectations, but the company’s profit outlook for 2Q were a third to a half of what was expected. (Sales, however, were projected […]

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Berlin’s Fashion Hack Day: Soldering Gun Wedding of Fashion and Tech

Berlin Fashion Hack Day

From April 29 to May 1, Berlin was the site of the “world’s first hackathon on fashion and tech,” a concept about whose more elusive particulars we are still a bit unclear. However, by means of some English-language reports, some Facebook pages, and in spite of Google Translate, we can now report the pith and […]

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Can You Hear Me Now? Glove Converts ASL Sign Language to Sound


American Sign Language is a rich and complex language that takes time and effort to learn, just like any  language. For people who are hearing impaired, ASL means being able to communicate with the world. Now, two undergraduates at the University of Washington have won the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for a device that translates ASL to […]

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Judge Tosses Jawbone Patents in Trade Fight with Fitbit

Remember that Jawbone and Fitbit were suing each other over patents and trade secrets and unfair hiring practices? Jawbone started the fight, but Fitbit’s coming out better. A judge at the International Trade Commission yesterday tossed out Jawbone’s patents, ruling that the company’s patent on the very idea of gathering heath and sleep data is invalid. […]

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