On Second Thought, Maybe I Don’t

The Washington Post has a mercifully brief piece out of the recent Wearables + Things conference in Washington, D.C. At the inevitable fashion show, designer Ean Williams showed a bridal outfit that included Google Glass and a Fitbit concealed in a necklace. Nice necklace, actually.

We get that live-streaming a wedding might be a nice thing, although we have our doubts about a bridal POV. And something that will recognize faces and prompts us to remember Aunt Minnie whom we haven’t seen since we were 5 might be nice.

If you’re going to do this, though, why not go the whole nine yards and include a heart monitor compression underclothing to see how stressed the bride and groom are? Or there’s other stuff for afterwards.

But as much as we like this stuff, please. A sense of proportion.



Skully Finishes $2.8 Million Indiegogo Round

Skully Helmets, the virtual reality motorcycle helmet, has finally closed a 2-month funding round on Indiegogo, clearing the $2.8 million mark. The company says it’s the most successful tech funding ever on Indiegogo. The company has pre-sold 1950 units at about $1500 each. It had originally tried to raise just $250,000, a goal it hit in 8 minutes. […]

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Android Wear Update Adds Untethered Music and GPS

For the record, Google has unveiled a new revision of Android Wear. This version ties its users closer than ever to the Google ecosystem, giving them direct access to their cloud-based Google Play music libraries, without the need for a smartphone. (You need offline playing, also part of the update, turned on.) Also, the new […]

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Nike and Apple Working Are Working on a New Wearable. Clothing, Perhaps?

When Nike stopped developing its Fuelband wristware earlier this year, the company insisted that it wasn’t abandoning wearables — and there was plenty of speculation that Nike was merely ceding hardware development to Apple. Now Nike CEO Mark Parker has told Bloomberg TV that the companies are, indeed, hatching something. Parker’s not saying what that […]

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Why the Puls Is Impressive: An Analysis

In the normal course of business, most product launches are one-day stories. Two days, tops, if they’re really big and they’re not from Apple or (sometimes) Google. In truth, that’s fine; it’s the rare product that deserves more. Will.i.am’s Puls wristware deserves more, because the thinking behind it is so uncommon. First of all, the […]

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Forbes Says Microsoft Will Ship a Wristband This Year

Data Link

Microsoft, by some measures, was the first company to sell a piece of wearable technology: the Data Link watch, developed with Timex, and first put on sale in 1994. Twenty years later, Forbes reports, the company is ready to ship another. The report is strikingly short on details, but does say that the device will […]

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Details Leak on Fitbit Surge, a $250 Sports Tracker

We wrote last week about the Fitbit Charge line, a pair of fitness trackers that more or less fill the space left by the recall of the Force earlier this year. The Verge is now reporting about the Fitbit Surge, a (comparatively) high-ticket sports watch that includes GPS and goes more directly against products from […]

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Apple Announces Watch SDK for November

If you want people to develop for your hardware, you’d better have an SDK. Buried inside today’s announcements from Apple was word that the company will publish its WatchKit SDK for developers next month. There’s still no definite word about a ship date for the Watch, other than “Early 2015.” But by inviting the masses […]

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A Flexible Battery, But You Can’t Buy It


We’ve written about curved batteries, which are pretty cool. But Samsung is now showing flexible batteries, which not only bend, but can be bent repeatedly. The claim is that you can bend it around a cup and it will work just fine. The implications for wearables should be clear: batteries that can conform to whatever shape […]

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Wearables Hit the Zeitgeist with Morris the Cat

Readers of a certain age will remember Morris the Cat, the world’s most finicky cat who would only eat 9Lives cat food. Well, Morris (or rather, some other orange tabby who kind of looks like the original long-departed Morris) is back, and the agency EVB has strapped a visor on him in a new line […]

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