Apple Watch App Keeps Drivers Awake at the Wheel

Truck_cabFalling asleep at the wheel and driving drowsy are major issues for the transportation industry, and a couple of companies are looking to wearables to alleviate the problem. One, which we’ve written about, is the SmartCap monitoring system, developed in Australia. Another is an app for the Apple Watch being developed by PeopleNet, a company specializing in fleet management systems.

The PeopleNet app alerts by “tapping” the driver’s wrist, so the driver doesn’t need to look away from the road. The app can also alert the driver when he or she has exceeded a set speed limit and when a turn is coming up. From Transport Topics:

“You can get data to the driver in a nonobtrusive way,” said Randy Boyles, senior vice president of mobile strategy at PeopleNet. “If I’m using a phone, I have a tendency to want to look at that phone and see how much farther down the road I’m turning. With the watch, it’s just going to tap me to say, ‘Here’s the turn.’”

The watch face can also show work information, such as time on shift, and monitor heartrate. The Apple Watch app is part of PeopleNet’s recently introduced ConnectedDriver applications, which support Apple and Android smartphones.

Bluboo Xwatch: High Tech, Low Price, Non-Existence?


The Bluboo Xwatch from China is mighty full of possibility. It might run Android Wear. It might cost less than $100. It might look like the picture on Bluboo’s blog. It might be available this month. Then again, maybe not; reliable details are a little hard to get. The possible specs include a 1.2GHz processor […]

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Myo Armband: Armed and Ready for Prosthetics

Thalmic Labs’s Myo Armband, which lets you control various devices by gesture, has been recognized from the beginning as a device with great potential. There are now apps to control electronic devices and services such as drones, Netflix, iTunes, keyboards, computer screens, and menus by hand and arm gestures. It’s not quite full Internet access […]

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Fitbit Introduces a More-Stylish Alta Fitness Tracker

fitbit alta

It seems like just last month that Fitbit introduced a new tracker (wait — it was just last month), but the company is back with another one — less functional but easier on the eyes. The Alta is a significant and very intentional departure from the previous Fitbit look, reminding us more of a Garmin Vivosmart […]

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Mattel Snaps Up Sproutling


In the latest sign of consolidation in the wearables market, Mattel, the toy giant that’s home to Barbie and Hot Wheels, has bought Sproutling, the wearable baby monitor company. Sproutling makes an ankle bracelet that tracks a baby’s heart rate, skin temperature, motion, and position; it works with a camera, base station and app. Price […]

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NPD Says Fitbit Dominates the Fitness Tracker Market

Fitbit sells 8 out of every 10 fitness trackers, the market research company NPD says. By the end of 2015, nearly 33 million trackers had been sold in the United States, compared to 13 million smartwatches — a figure that might come as a disappointment to the industry analysts who had been predicting global Apple […]

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Survey Says Runners Want Great GPS and Heart Monitors

A survey of runners at the online community Athlete IQ found that peer and expert recommendations were the most important factors in deciding which wearable tech to get — and that functionality far outtrumped price. The site asked 732 marathoners, triathletes, and steeplechasers about what tech they used and why. About 84 percent said functionality was […]

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Oral Roberts Students Are Required to Wear Fitbits

Oral Roberts University has long had a fitness requirement for first-year students but a written activity log sufficed until this academic year. Now, all 900 incoming freshmen have to wear Fitbit trackers (which they have to buy) and share the data with the school. The Tulsa World newspaper (Oral Roberts is in Tulsa, OK) reports […]

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Volvo and Microsoft Band Together

volvo logo

The Microsoft Band 2 received generally positive reviews when it first appeared as an efficient way to keep track of your health, email, workouts, and golf game. Now, thanks to a partnership between Microsoft and Volvo, it’s coming to your car. If you have a Volvo. And a Band 2 Those of you who currently fall […]

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Tech Takes on the Test Audience with “Revenant”

20th century fox

Over the years, Hollywood hype pushers have called movies riveting, thrilling, gripping, insert-your-own -ing here. Now the hypesters have some technology to back up their claims: 20th Century Fox recently used wearable tech wristbands on 100 audience members watching test screenings for the December 2015 release Revenant to gauge audience reaction. According to the biometric […]

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