CNET: Nike Lays Off Most Fuelband Hardware Staff

Nike_FuelBand_SECNet’s Nick Statt reports that Nike has laid off as many as 55 people in its Digital Sport hardware team, essentially ending development of the Fuelband and Nike+ sportswatch.

Sales of the Fuelband will continue, as will development of software, CNet saod. With the increasing sophistication of motion sensors built into phones themselves — particularly the iPhone 5S — Nike appears to have decided that the hardware business is not where it wants to be. (It’s also worth noting that the Nike+ smartphone app still doesn’t have an Android version, and that Apple CEO Tim Cook sits on Nike’s board.)

Nike’s spokesman did not deny layoffs to CNet, but did play down the number. Had the story been incorrect about ending Fuelband development, Nike certainly would have said so.

Bill Gates Patent To Cloud Men’s Minds, Deter Paparazzi

We just learned about a patent awarded to Bill Gates a few months ago that appears to be designed to keep you safe from cameras around you. Patent 8,600,110 describes A system for detecting and responding to an intruding camera, comprising: an electronic media display device having a screen configured to display content; a sensor; and a […]

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Walgreens’s Mobile App Connects to Wearables, Rewards Healthy Behavior


People who use Walgreens’s iPhone and Android apps have long been able to renew their prescriptions with the app, and the company opened up its API to third parties last year. We’re now seeing that the app connects to a wide range of wearable devices — and the company is paying customers for healthy behaviors. […]

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Samsung Backs Away from Android; Will Ship Android Wear Watches This Year Anyway


When you’re as big and aggressive as Samsung, you can afford to place big bets on several different things (although that strategy didn’t work out so well for Nokia, did it?).  Yoon Han-kil, the senior vice president of Samsung’s  product strategy team, told Reuters that his company will ship wristwear based on the Android Wear operating […]

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Intel Announces First “Make It Wearable” Winner


Lovey, a device  that monitors kids’ whereabouts and their environment, is the first winner in the Visionary track of Intel’s “Make It Wearable” challenge. The challenge has two tracks. the “Visionary,” which requires a general idea accompanied with a 1-minute video, and the “Development,” which is considerably more rigorous and for which winners get $50,000 in […]

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Is Nike Edging Away from the FuelBand?


CNet is carrying a lightly sourced article suggesting that Nike may be getting ready to be out of the FuelBand business. The site cites “a person familiar with the matter” as saying that the sportswear company has had internal talks about suspending development on the popular device. The NPD Group, the article says, puts Nike’s […]

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Indiegogo Defends Itself About Healbe and Fraud

As regular readers know, there’s been a bit of fuss about the Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign for the Healbe health tracker. Pando Daily has been digging into the background of the company and the scientific claims that it’s making and not much liking what it finds. Pando has also been doing a tapdance on Indiegogo’s head […]

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Update: Want Glass? One-Day Only on April 15

Update: Google says it will sell Glass to the general U.S. public for one day and one day only on April 15. The gates open at 9am Eastern Time and they’ll sell until they run out. Pricing remains insane: $1500, but at least it comes with a shade or a frame that can accommodate prescription […]

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Galaxy Gear 2 Teardown from iFixit

One of our favorite sites, iFixit, takes apart new gadgets so you don’t have to (unless you absolutely need/want to). Here’s their teardown of the Galaxy Gear 2, which was surprisingly easy to get into. Just FYI…  

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Our Cyborg Future? A Subcutaneous Compass Project


In a longer (and quite interesting) article about implantable technology, CNN points out the Southpaw project: an implantable subdermal compass. This is really interesting reading and not for those easily weirded out. Southpaw is the idea of Lepht Anonym, a Scottish woman and biohacker, who does these things. The biohacker movement is not new, but the interest […]

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