Bloomberg Says Sony Has a Design-Forward Wearable Coming. Maybe. Someday.

512px-Sony_logo.svgThere’s an interesting article on Bloomberg’s site that leads with news about a possibly forthcoming wristband from Sony that uses an e-paper to turn the entire device’s surface into a display.

The article doesn’t go into much depth about the device, but turns out instead to be a fascinating analysis of how Sony is trying to throw off its bureaucracy and become a company that takes product risks and is willing to fail fast with them. Keep in mind that Sony has been reinventing itself — with varying degrees of success — for decades. An internal incubator program is a good idea, if the fruits of it can actually get built and distributed in a meaningful way.

Are smartwatches a place to start? The obvious danger is that by the time Sony gets there, the state of the art will have moved; the company that invented mobile entertainment (transistor radios, Walkmen) has long had trouble producing great products at good prices, and its distribution channels is not as mighty as it used to be.

It’s a good piece that winds up somewhere different, and better, than where you’d expect.

Juniper Sees Fitness Trackers Staying Dominant, But Segmenting

Fitness trackers will lead the wearables industry until 2018, says a new report from Juniper Research, but will segment out into basic trackers and more deluxe products that compete with smart watches. Through 2018, according to the report “Smart Health & Fitness Wearables: Device Strategies, Trends & Forecasts” the number of fitness trackers being uses […]

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Demoing your about-to-be-released product on a top-rated television show ranks way up there on the scale of bad-ass things to do. The first rule of product demos is this: they never go right, and the higher the stakes, the more likely a catastrophic failure. (This is why the iPhone engineers went out and got drunk […]

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ShotTracker, a Basketball Wearable, Ships


Almost exactly a year ago, we wrote about a crowdfunded project called ShotTracker, which tracks your shot attempts, misses and makes. Earlier this week, the company announced that it’s shipping product. ShotTracker has three pieces: a sensor on the net, a small sensor on your wrist (which fits into a wristband or compression sleeve), and […]

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DuPont Introduces Stretchable Conductive Ink for Wearables


We write a lot about finished products — and others that are not-so-finished — because news about actual underlying technologies are both rarer and harder to explain. But a division of DuPont is starting to talk publicly about inks that are both stretchable and conductive, and usable in clothing. The PE872 stretchable conductor (and what a […]

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Victoria’s Secret Launches Heart Rate Monitor Bra

Victoria's Secret heart-rate bra

We apparently missed this when it was annouced — and from a search of the web, so did everyone else — but Victoria’s Secret is selling a bra with a heart-rate sensors built in. The intimate apparel store has an entire line of sports bras, but the “Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Heart-Rate Monitor Compatible Sport Bra” includes […]

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Basis Peak Now Talks to iOS Apps, Gets Distribution and Notifications

Basis peak Accessories_2_blog

The Basis Peak heart-rate monitor from Intel is one of the nicer bits of athletic wristware, but was a little hobbled by its inability to communicate with popular ecosystems. The company announced today that they’ve filled that gap, streaming data to iOS apps for Strava, MapMyRun, and Endomondo. (There’s no Android capability, due to a […]

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Interest Rising in Wrist Devices, But Not Visors or Heart Monitors


The research house Futuresource has a consumer panel that it asks periodically about its interest in wearable technology (and, presumably, other things). Between May and October, they say, there have been some interesting changes in the tech that the panelists are interested in. Interest in smartwatches more than doubled, though still only at 9 percent. (We […]

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Developer Details Emerge For Apple Watch

Apple developers yesterday got copies of iOS8.2, and it included lots of crunchy good details about the Apple Watch. Some of the salient details: At launch, the watch will work essentially as an iOS notification device. You’re going to need an iPhone. Later in 2015, the watch will be able to run its own native […]

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Fitbit Data Apparently Fit For Canadian Court

For what may be the first time, fitness data from a Fitbit appears to be part of a personal injury case being filed in Calgary, Canada. Forbes has the story. The article doesn’t say outright that the evidence collected by the Fitbit will be admitted. Plaintiff attorneys in a personal injury case are hoping to […]

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