Self Promotion: Health Tech Insider on ZDNet

Alfred Poor, the editor of our sister publication, was interviewed the other day by ZDNet’s David Gerwitz.

The piece is up, and well worth watching.



Samsung Unveils Gear S Curved Tizen Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S_Pure White_2

We saw a lot of curved electronic components earlier this year; now they’re finding their way into products. Samsung today introduced the Gear S smartwatch, with a 2-inch curved rectangular Super AMOLED display. There are a couple of particularly interesting things about the Gear S: It runs Tizen, not Android Wear It’s not a smartphone […]

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LG G Watch R Goes Official


We warned you the other day about the forthcoming round Android Wear smartwatch from LG. The company officially announced it today — and it looks pretty sharp. According the company, the G Watch R uses a 1.3-inch OLED screen, carries 4 GB of memory, and included an accelerometer/gyro/compass, barometer, and heart rate monitor. It’s water-resistant […]

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iWatch Coming in September, says ReCode. Really. Honest. [UPDATED]

The CodeRed blog at ReCode is reporting that Apple’s wearable device, whatever it turns out to be, will be unveiled on September 9, along the updated iPhones running HealthKit. We speculated as much when we first heard the September date. Keep in mind, though, that although it’s a really good guess, the only out who’s reporting […]

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Swatch Changes Its Mind About Wearables

Swatch Touch

A few months ago, the CEO of the Swatch Group, the biggest watchmaker in the world, said that he was not interested in the wearables market. Today, the Wall Street Journal thinks he may be having second thoughts (the WSJ is behind a paywall, but this link may work). This was CEO Nick Hayek in January: […]

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Jawbone Tracks Quake Response


Jawbone has produced a chart that demonstrates that the closer you are to a magnitude 6.1 earthquake, the more likely you are to wake up and move:   Obvious, yes, but also interesting. First of all, it’s a cool illustration of the uses of aggregated data; Jawbone checked the sleep data collected by its UP […]

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Noonee Chairless Chair Exoskeleton Lets You Sit Anywhere


The Swiss startup Noonee is building a device that straps onto your legs and shoes, and lets you sit down anywhere you want. The company pitches it as a “posture support device,” which has a nice ring to it. The thing is a five-pound carbon fiber and aluminum device that you put behind your legs; […]

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Smartband Business Jumped 684 Pct This Year, Says Canalys

Wearable band shipments rocket by 684%

Fitbit, Jawbone, and Samsung are leading the smartband business, says the industry analysis shop Canalys, whose earlier work has impressed us. On a worldwide basis, the smartband market grew 684 percent from 1H13 to 1H14 — although Canalys doesn’t say if that’s units shipped or revenue. Due to their relationships with distributors, Fitbit and Jawbone lead […]

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Ralph Lauren Brands OMSignal Shirts at the US Open

Marcus Giron Lauren OMSignal

Is it possible that a major fashion brand is actually embracing the function of wired clothing? The NYTimes says Ralph Lauren is branding OMSignal’s instrumented compression shirts at the US Open, the tennis tournament that opens today in New York City. The shirts aren’t going on the players, who are probably quite well instrumented during […]

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LG to Launch Android Wear Smartwatch at IFA

There’s a big consumer electronics conference in Berlin next week; IFA claims 1400 exhibitors in 145,000 square meters and 240,000 visitors, which puts it squarely in the league of CES, which sucks the air out of the industry for a week in early January. We expect a fair amount of news out of IFA, and […]

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