New Boutique Watch Company, Olio, Launches Smartwatch

Olio_Model1_Black No Background.jpgThere have been one or two smartwatch announcements over the last year, mostly coming as extensions of already well-established companies. For all the trumpeting, (and with Pebble as a very notable exception), actual new smartwatch companies are pretty thin on the ground.

That’s one reason that Olio is so interesting. Here’s a company, based in Silicon Valley, with roots in designing nice hardware for the likes of Apple, Beats, Amazon, and HP, turning their thoughts to the wrist.

The Olio watches, which launch for pre-order today, are well-thought-out timepieces — good heft, substantial feel, nice bands. We’ve worn them and played with them briefly; it’s good stuff. Their software, which is custom, is similarly wrought.

At bottom, Olio’s watches function as notification devices rather than fitness trackers. But the software is designed to put your notices and calendar into a temporal stream, alerting you to what you may have missed and keeping you posted on what’s next on your calendar. More than that, the software and swipe-able color watch face are designed to learn your preferences about what you want to act on quickly and what you habitually ignore. There is even the promise of using your watch to manage connected devices around you (read: Nest thermostats and related ecosystems).

The software may have been interesting without good hardware. Fortunately, Olio sweated the hardware and the overall design. The watches are brushed stainless steel: plainly watches, not gadgets. The watch faces are interesting but not flashy (and not user-selectable; the designers made choices). Battery life is claimed in the “multiple days,” and the charger uses magnetic induction — much like the Apple Watch.

There are two versions, starting at $595 for stainless and $795 for a very elegant black. Link bracelets add $50. Olio’s made 500 of each for this round; they’re available online now for shipment this summer.

Connected Health Services Market Will Be Nearly $2B by 2019, Says Juniper

More market projections from Juniper Research today, projecting that the connected health services market in 2019 will be six times what its estimated at today. The report, “Smart Wireless Devices: CE, Enterprise, Fitness, Healthcare, Payments 2015-2019,” says that the market will partly be driven by a desire to track someone else’s data — a friend, […]

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Fitbit To Add Cycling Support to Surge, Multi-device Support to Apps

Most fitness trackers don’t do a very good job of tracking cycling; you don’t move your arms very much while biking, so it’s hard to measure with step-based accelerometers. Fitbit, though, just announced that they’ll be adding cycling support on its high-end Surge tracker within the month. The Surge will use its GPS to track […]

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Google Glass Just Resting, Schmidt Tells WSJ

The much-maligned much-ballyhooed Google Glass really isn’t dead, Google chairman Eric Schmidt told the Wall Street Journal today. It’s being readied for the consumer market. The company pulled Glass from the market in January, shut down its “Explorers Program,” and moved responsibility for the $1500 project to Tony Fadell’s product group, which includes things like the […]

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Heath Tech Insider About That New York Times Article

It’s sometimes hard to ignore dumb journalism, even when it comes from The New York Times. The usually smart columnist Nick Bilton wrote a titanically misguided column last week about the supposed health dangers of wearable tech. We were going to just hope it went away, but this is the Times we’re talking about. Besides, […]

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Baselworld: Mondiane Shows The First MMT Platform Watch

Mondiane smartwatch

Mondiane, perhaps best known for its iconic Swiss Railways watch face, today announced the first fruits of the recent MMT smartwatch alliance that puts technology from Philippe Kahn’s Fullpower Technologies into watches that can be labeled as “Swiss Made.” The Helvetica No 1 Smart has a brushed steel case, white dial, sapphire crystal, and a […]

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Baselworld: and Gucci Link Up

Remember’s PULS wearable? It debuted to much fanfare in October but,  despite tremendous promise, has yet to hit the streets. Today, and Gucci announced a development partnership to “create an innovative wearable device concept.” The PULS is a lovely and innovative device — it operates untethered and uses an interesting and internally developed UI — […]

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TAG Heuer & Intel Unveil Android Wear Smartwatch at Baselworld [UPDATED]

TAG Heuer Carerra

The watch industry’s big trade fair, Baselworld, started today, and the first smartwatch announcement is a bit of a deflation. TAG Heuer and Intel went public with their much-rumored alliance, but it turns out that the software behind it will be Android Wear. Reuters reports that the hardware will be based on TAG Heuer’s popular […]

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Orgasm Tracker for Women

Symbol man woman question exclamation mark ask answer

Let’s try to be grown-ups here, OK? We all know about fitness trackers, and we’ve seen articles about various kinds of interactive women’s underwear. Now here’s a company that’s using sensor technology — admittedly not wearable, but still — to track female sexual response. SmartBod, the product of a couple of entrepreneurs out of UC […]

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Noted Briefly: Hot Stuff from SXSW, Chinese Tech Shoes, Wearable Design Principles

Three quick items from around the web: Here’s a roundup of interesting-ish wearable stuff from SXSW, none of which should be new to you. Reuters reports that an athletic wear company, Li-Ning, is partnering with Chinese giant Xiaomi to produce smart running shows. Li-Ning is apparently in some financial distress. And a Citrix exec lays […]

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