Sony Talks A Little About Their Add-On Glass Prototype

wearSony is working on a prototype of a visor that clips onto an existing pair of eyeglasses.

The working name for the module is “SmartEyeglasses Attach!” (the exclamation point and InterCap are theirs), and they’ll unveil it at CES next month. It weighs 40 grams, and uses a 640×400 pixel OLED display that’s light-piped to an optical unit that sits in front of the glasses. In practice, it looks more like Google Glass and less like an Epson or Vuzix unit. It uses an ARM Cortex A7 processor, carries a 400 mAh battery, and uses Bluetooth 3.0 (note: not Bluetooth 4) and b/g/n WiFi.

Sony describes use cases for the device in sports (where the user is likely to be wearing sunglasses, which the module’s image can be projected on), a heads-up display for an action camera, or for factory floor use.

The company will provide an SDK, it says, and hopes to begin building the SmartEyeglasses Attach! next year.

Sony may be staging something of a resurgence in new tech. Its Smartwatch 3 has gotten good reviews, although it doesn’t seem to have much distribution in the United States, and a “paper watch” from a skunkworks recently got a lot of notice, too.


The Ass of a Jawbone: UP3 Misses Christmas

We saw a lot of wearables products promising a holiday delivery. Here’s a big one that missed: Jawbone won’t ship its $180 Up3 fitness band until after Christmas. Ouch. Bloomberg has a lot of background about Jawbone and its position among venture capitalists (but doesn’t mention that Fitbit far outsells it). When the UP3 was […]

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Fitbit on Charge Irritation: This Time, It’s You, Not Them

There have been some complaints about Fitbit’s new Charge wristband causing skin irritation, not unlike what forced the company to recall its Force band earlier this year. But this time, the company says, it’s because customers aren’t wearing it right. If you wear anything on your wrist too tightly and for too long, the moisture buildup underneath […]

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Apple Watch Reportedly Set for January Production

If you’re going to start selling 5 million units of a new product in February or March, you’d better start building it in January, if not earlier. After months of rumors, Apple reportedly has worked out manufacturing bugs for the Apple Watch, which has  been rumored to hit the streets in late February or so. […]

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Luxottica Seals Wide-Ranging Development Deal with Intel for Glasses; Doesn’t Rule Out Google


Luxottica, the world’s largest maker of eyeglasses, has a deal with Google to make Glass-derived products. But that’s not keeping the Italian optical goods giant from working with other companies, like Intel. Intel and Luxottica announced today a particularly wide-ranging development partnership. The two companies will establish an R&D lab in California, the New York […]

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New Bluetooth Version 4.2 Published; Allows Faster Speeds, Direct Connections to Internet

Bluetooth logo

The Bluetooth SIG has published the specs for version 4.2 of the widely used Bluetooth standard, and the news is actually more exciting than it sounds. The latest spec promises data speeds about 2.5 times faster than the current version, and will allow devices to connect directly to IPv6 networks, instead of using phones or […]

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Misfit Lands $40M Series C, Eyes China Expansion

Misfit, maker of the Shine wearable, has closed a $40 million round of funding, including the first US investment from Chinese cellphone maker Xiaomi, TechCrunch reports. Sonny Vu, Misfit’s chairman, told TechCrunch that his company didn’t need the money; it still has $15 million from its last raise and is breaking even on hardware sales. […]

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Amanda Parkes on the Importance of Fabrics and Fashion

Amanda Parkes is one of the smarter people standing at the intersection of technology and fashion. An MIT-trained designer, she’s the chief of technology and research at Manufacture NY, a fashion think tank in Brooklyn, NY. Parkes gave an excellent and enlightening interview to the site Business of Fashion, in which she talks about how […]

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Next-Gen Glass Will Use Intel Chips, says WSJ

The WSJ reports that the next version of Google Glass — you mean there’s going to be a next version? — will use Intel processors instead of TI’s. The article then goes into great detail on a point that no reader here will be surprised about: that the visor business will find success not with […]

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Nabu Razer to Take Pre-Orders Next Week in Small Quantities


Remember the Razer Nabu? It’s a sleek notification band that tracks activity, but it’s main claim to fame was social connectivity aimed at gamers. A video at the Nabu site implies that you’ll be able to swap contact information by shaking hands with another Razer wearer, which is pretty cool, but an earlier emphasis on the […]

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