Victoria’s Secret Launches Heart Rate Monitor Bra

Victoria's Secret heart-rate braWe apparently missed this when it was annouced — and from a search of the web, so did everyone else — but Victoria’s Secret is selling a bra with a heart-rate sensors built in.

The intimate apparel store has an entire line of sports bras, but the “Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Heart-Rate Monitor Compatible Sport Bra” includes sensors and technology from the Finnish fabric maker Clothing+. You still need to clip on your favorite communications module, but the sensors are built into the fabric itself. No belt needed.

We found out about it when Clothing+ CEO Akseli Reho mentioned it off-handedly during a presentation at IDTechEx conference in Santa Clara, CA.

The bra costs about $75. This is not the tweeting bra, nor is it the one that opens when it senses attraction. This one is actually functional. We’re running the picture, of course, purely in the interest of science.


Basis Peak Now Talks to iOS Apps, Gets Distribution and Notifications

Basis peak Accessories_2_blog

The Basis Peak heart-rate monitor from Intel is one of the nicer bits of athletic wristware, but was a little hobbled by its inability to communicate with popular ecosystems. The company announced today that they’ve filled that gap, streaming data to iOS apps for Strava, MapMyRun, and Endomondo. (There’s no Android capability, due to a […]

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Interest Rising in Wrist Devices, But Not Visors or Heart Monitors


The research house Futuresource has a consumer panel that it asks periodically about its interest in wearable technology (and, presumably, other things). Between May and October, they say, there have been some interesting changes in the tech that the panelists are interested in. Interest in smartwatches more than doubled, though still only at 9 percent. (We […]

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Developer Details Emerge For Apple Watch

Apple developers yesterday got copies of iOS8.2, and it included lots of crunchy good details about the Apple Watch. Some of the salient details: At launch, the watch will work essentially as an iOS notification device. You’re going to need an iPhone. Later in 2015, the watch will be able to run its own native […]

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Fitbit Data Apparently Fit For Canadian Court

For what may be the first time, fitness data from a Fitbit appears to be part of a personal injury case being filed in Calgary, Canada. Forbes has the story. The article doesn’t say outright that the evidence collected by the Fitbit will be admitted. Plaintiff attorneys in a personal injury case are hoping to […]

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Intel MICA Cuff to Cost $495, Including Two Years of AT&T Data

Somehow, we thought this has been reported before, but we’re apparently mistaken. The Intel/Opening Ceremony fashion cuff MICA will go on sale in early December and cost $495, including two years of data from AT&T. The cuff, designed and built as a fashion-oriented item, is a standalone notification device that doesn’t require tethering to a […]

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Are Glass’s Best Days Behind It?

Reuters noticed late last week that all is not well in the world of Google Glass. Google CEO Sergey Brin recently walked into a high-profile event barefaced, they note. Glass is available on eBay for cheap and the project seems to resolutely to be resisting commercial release despite high-powered commercial partners. Seemingly released by the […]

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CEA Wearables Innovation Awards Roundup


We wrote the other evening about Qardio’s winning a CEA Innovations award for wearable technology. It was not the only one: 18 products were so honored. The way this works is that companies submit products to a panel of high-powered judges in one (or more) of 27 categories. Finalists are named in each category, and […]

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The Verge Reviews Microsoft Band: Great Concept, Middling Execution

The Verge is carrying a long and thoughtful review of the Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health ecosystem. Author David Pierce digs into the use case of health trackers in general and the Band in particular. His conclusion: the Band as a device has some drawbacks — comfort, battery life, interface — but the volume of […]

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Samsung Expands Simband and SAMI Reference Platform

Back a few months ago, Samsung showed a reference design for wristware called the Simband. Not meant to be a product, the sensor-laden Simband was released to a limited set of developers to see what they would do with it. Today, at a big developers’ conference in San Francisco, Samsung expanded the program, allowing new developers to […]

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