Digitimes Predicts 50 Million Apple Watches Will Be Sold in 2015

Digitimes is frequently wrong, although its tech coverage specializes in getting close to suppliers and working from there. That’s why it’s interesting to note that they’re reporting that the Apple Watch display will be an AMOLED screen made by LG — and that LG is on the hook to supply 5 million screens a month, and that Apple expects to sell more than  50 million watches in 2015.

Like we said: Digitimes is close to its supplier sources, and is frequently wrong. But 50 million watches in the first year? That’s pretty aggressive…


Wearable Tech at NY Fashion Week: Couture and the Maker Ethic


We somehow managed to miss/ignore New York Fashion Week, but there were apparently some interesting designs there related to wearable tech. Stylite’s got a pretty good roundup. CuteCircuit had a nice collection, and Stylite makes a cool point about the sort of LED-laden designs that they make: the displays on electronic clothing could easily reside […]

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Gruber Predicts a $5,000 Apple Watch

One of the best tech blogs going John Gruber’s Daring Fireball. Gruber’s a programmer — he wrote the increasingly common Markdown editor — and is particularly insightful about most things Apple-related. Gruber’s posted a long and thoughtful take about the Apple Watch that’s well worth reading. He suggests that the Watch is Apple’s play not only […]

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Misfit Unveils the Flash: Same Function, Plastic, and Half the Price


Misfit, makers of the popular Shine fitness tracker, has taken the wraps off its second piece of wristware, with the same functionality of the Shine but at half the price. The Flash is made of soft-touch plastic and comes in seven colors, some of them quite bright and attention-getting. Like the Shine, it can be […]

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“Soft Exosuits” May Enhance Wearers’ Mobility, Help Soldiers Carry More


We wrote not long ago about strap-on leg supports designed for factory workers. The idea of exosuits is apparently very much in the air; researchers at Harvard, backed with DARPA money, are working on clothing that can provide a lesser and more flexible form of joint support when needed. A team led by Conor Walsh […]

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Five Small Items in an Apple Watch Roundup

There’s a bunch of little pieces in the news about the Apple Watch, none of them really worth their own abstract. So we’re pulling them all into one briefing: – Two hospitals will be experimenting with Apple’s HealthKit software, coming at the end of this week in iOS8. Stanford University Hospital is working with Apple […]

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Smartwatch Coming From HTC?

HTC made the first Android phone and has built some sweet units since, although they’ve had some clunkers along the way, too. There have been rumors that they were coming after the watch business, too, but then there were rumors that they were spooked and backed off. Now, the company is reportedly back in. Cnet […]

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As a Timepiece, the Apple Watch Scores. But.

The vast majority of electrons that have been spilled about the Apple Watch have come from tech journalists to are, at best, qualified to write about technology and not a lot else. Certainly not about fashion. But the Apple Watch needs to function as a timepiece and appeal to watch fans and fashionistas, who sensibly […]

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What the Apple Watch Rumor Mill Got Wrong

There was so much virtual ink spilled about the Apple Watch that it’s interesting to see what people got wrong. (We’re not calling anyone in particular out — mostly because it’s just so damned hard to figure out where which rumor started….) There are plenty of features that no one wrote about ahead of time, but […]

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Announcing the Apple Watch. $349. Early 2015.


It looks kind of boxy, in a rounded kind of way.  Gorgeous screen, but not curved, as rumors had it. Innovative UI. Two sizes, three editions, six interchangeable bands. Starts at $349. Available early 2015. Requires an iPhone 5 or iPhone 6. About those editions: The base Apple Watch has a case made of steel […]

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