Luxottica’s Glass Will Be Out “Soon,” CEO Says; Intel Version Next Year

luxotticaLuxottica is the world’s largest optical goods company, and you may remember that Google has a deal with the company — sealed a year ago — to produce a consumer version of Glass. Massimo Vian is one of Luxottica’s two CEO’s and he told the company’s annual shareholder meeting today that its version of Google Glass will be out “soon,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

You’ll recall, of course, that Glass in January shut down its Explorers developers program, stopped sales of the devices, and put it under control of the company’s consumer products division, alongside products like Nest.

Vian did not put a date on “soon,” although he said he visited the Glass team in California recently (and there was no word about what “recently” meant, either).

However, Vian also told the meeting that a similar development deal with Intel (which recently bought a chunk of Vuzix) will bear fruit next February or March.


iFixit Posts Apple Watch Teardown

We love iFixit, and we’re not disappointed this morning: it has a teardown of the Apple Watch the morning it’s first supposed to get into people’s hands. The core findings: it’s really really really small, the battery takes most of the space, and (with the possible exception of battery replacement) it’s not at all serviceable: Despite rumors (and […]

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Apple Watch App Store Opens With 3,000 Apps

No big surprise with the first deliveries slated for tomorrow, but Apple has taken the wraps off the Watch App Store, which is part of the Watch iOS app. The Wall Street Journal reports that there are about 3,000 apps available. Ars Technica points out that there’s no apparent way to search for a watch […]

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Salesforce Survey Says Enterprise Wearables to Grow 3x by 2017

Salesforce, which has considerable skin in the wearables game, is out with a survey today showing that enterprises are trying out wearables for workplace security, employee time management, and real-time communication. Coming soon, the company says, are pilot projects in business analytics and field service. Salesforce surveyed about 1,500 companies; of those, 500 said they were […]

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New Android Wear Functions Coming Soon


Google is talking officially about an upcoming update to Android Wear, an update that will include several interesting improvements to the UI. Several of the improvements are designed to trim the number of times that using your watch becomes a two-handed operation. You’ll soon be able to move your way through screens by flicking your wrist instead […]

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A Long-Form Inside Look at Disney’s MagicBand Project

mickey_mouse_face disney

Disney, like any company that adapts and rebuilds reality, is a famously controlling place with a frequently difficult culture. So the high-stakes project to re-engineer theme parks with the wearable MagicBand was even more full of internally corporate competition than it might have been at a “normal” company. FastCompany has an exhaustive and exhausting blow-by-blow […]

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Jawbone Announces UP4, including Amex NFC Payments

UP4 jawbone

Jawbone, which is just now getting its long-delayed UP3 fitness tracker to market, is already talking about the next version, the UP4. The major differenceis apparently the addition of an NFC chip that will link the device to your American Express card and use it for contactless credit card payments. Jawbone says the UP4 will […]

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First-Day US Apple Watch Sales Estimated At About 1 Million

Someone tell Tim Cook that he can start the production line. The e-commerce consulting company Slice Intelligence estimates that 957.000 Apple Watches were pre-ordered on Friday, the first day of “availability.” The average customer bought 1.3 watches, and spend $504 per watch. Sales were skewed to the less-expensive Sport watch — 62 percent of those […]

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Jawbone To Ship UP3 Fitness Tracker April 20, Not As Waterproof As Hoped

Jawbone’s UP3 fitness tracker was supposed to ship before the end of 2014. It didn’t make it, and its web site had been citing delivery intervals of “6-7 weeks” since then. The company has now announced that initial shipment of back orders will start April 20, with the expectation that all pre-orders will be fulfilled […]

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The Apple Store Try-On Experience Tried Out

We stopped by an Apple Store this morning — the one in Soho, Manhattan — to try on a Watch and see how smooth the try-on experience is. The short version: it’s a very nice piece of hardware, and the experience is a little bumpy. In fairness, a lot of the experience is new for […]

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