Judge Tosses Jawbone Patents in Trade Fight with Fitbit

UP4 jawboneRemember that Jawbone and Fitbit were suing each other over patents and trade secrets and unfair hiring practices? Jawbone started the fight, but Fitbit’s coming out better.

A judge at the International Trade Commission yesterday tossed out Jawbone’s patents, ruling that the company’s patent on the very idea of gathering heath and sleep data is invalid. The ruling weakens the possibility that Jawbone could keep Fitbit from bringing its products in the United States from its overseas manufacturing plants.

The dispute’s not over, though. Bloomberg notes that Jawbone’s trade secret case against Fitbit goes to trial May 9, and that Fitbit’s claims against Jawbone are still pending.

For those who want to look it up themselves, the case is In the Matter of Certain Activity Tracking Device Systems, 337-963, U.S. International Trade Commission (Washington). We’d link to it, only it doesn’t seem to be freely available.

Smart Clothing and Body Sensor Market to Hit 190 Million Units Through 2021, Says Tractica


The market research company Tractica says consumers will buy as many as 190 million pieces of what it categorizes as smart clothing and body sensors in the next five years. But they don’t really say how that might happen. If you want detailed numbers, you’ll have to pony up $3800 for the full report. (We’re […]

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Revolar: Personal Safety at Your Fingertip


Personal safety alarms have been around for a while in the form of whistles and loud audible alarms buttons, but they had a major flaw: you couldn’t be sure if there was anyone around to hear them, or whether the person who heard them would be someone who would help. Revolar’s button alarm, along with […]

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Team Wearables: Another Sport Heard From


Rugby (or, as its participants like to call it, real football) can be brutal. Fifteen men to a side, dressed in shorts, shirts, and knee socks (and no pads) run into, around, and over each other to kick, pass, and carry a ball into an end zone as many times as possible. Elbowing and head-butting […]

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Health Tech Companies Augmedix, BioBeats Announce Funding Rounds


Augmedix, a San Francisco-based EHR (electronic health record) company, has raised $17 million to incorporate Google Glass into its product, TechCrunch is reporting. Separately, BioBeats, which has a biometrics coaching app, says it’s raised $2.25 million. Augmedix has an interesting model. A common complaint about AR visors in social situations is that they distract the focus of […]

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A Rebooting Nokia Acquires Digital Health Pioneer Withings

Withings, the French digital health company best known for its Pop and Activé smartwatches and its connected scale, is being bought by Nokia for about €170 million, the companies said this morning. Withings will be the basis for a Nokia Digital Health business, and the deal is expected to close in the third quarter of this […]

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Faster Next Gen Apple Watch to Have Cellular SIM, Says WSJ

We’re coming up on the first anniversary of the Apple Watch’s announcement — as opposed to its shipment — so expect a lot of stories about its shortcomings, benefits, and future. The Wall Street Journal has one such, which cites “sources” as saying the next version of the watch will have a faster processor and be […]

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Wearables Skin Game: Less is More?

flexible display

When it came to screens, for a long time it’s been the bigger, the better. Nothing like seeing Game of Thrones gore life-size, or being able to check out the tonsils of The Voice contestants. But while TVs, wall screens, and monitors were undergoing a growth spurt, there were people in labs trying to make […]

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Newest ASUS ROG Gaming Unit Strikes Up the Band

ASUS republic of gamers

ASUS Republic of Gamers has announced its newest gaming unit, the ASUS ROG GT51CA, and it is reputed to be a king-of-the-jungle beast. It’s faster—well, that goes without saying in the gaming world—with 6th generation Intel Core i7 processor you can overclock to 4.6gHz (no rebooting), can take up two 2 Titan X graphics cards, […]

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Teaching Future Service Dogs New Tricks


Service animals—almost always dogs—literally open doors for their disabled owners, as well as turning out the lights as they leave. Service dogs’ training varies with the kind of disability they will be helping with, and they can physically help their person with stairs and balance, bring medicine and water, provide assistance in emergencies and when […]

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