Ars Technica Goes Deep on Android Wear

The always excellent Ars Technica site has dug up every screenshot they could find on Android Wear and makes what sound like a lot of good assumptions about what it is and how it will look and work. At its core, as previously reported, is the Google Now interface, which is (roughly speaking) the Android counterpart to Apple’s Siri. So if Now doesn’t work as expected, Wear will be sunk. From Ars:

Doing this correctly—showing the right information at the right time—is going to be a big challenge for Android Wear. If the notifications are wrong, Wear will be really annoying. The best way to counter this is fine-grained user control over notifications, which we sincerely hope Google offers.

That said, Ars is pretty impressed, most particularly with how well Wear integrates with Android’s existing notification stack. This too is critical: no one’s got time for messing around under the hood. The best UI is invisible, for both the user and the programmer.


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